Masterplan Long Version

Action 1A: Digital Futures Unit through a DCC skills audit

It is incumbent on the city council to be a Digital Champion amongst the leadership forum and as the democratically elected custodian body of the city it pledges to lead by example.
A digital futures unit will be established utilising the best available skills in the city council and/or across its partners in the Leadership Forum through staff share. This unit should be responsible for:
Dublin city web and social media resources (in conjunction with the Social Media Support Team) | portal I Innovation Dublin | Digital events
Digital Masterplan delivery and Beta Project mechanism |Participation in City Protocol Society
Participation in EU Funded ICT projects | Delivery projects and process to meet Open Government Partnership objectives; Action Plan for Jobs Targets |National Digital Strategy objectives | Other commitments such as Safe Cities and or Green Charter | Citizen Online Engagement

A staff skills audit will be carried out to identify persons employed within the city council who could be redeployed to assist in the delivery of certain Masterplan actions.

Action: Enabling
Objective: To identify within the city council staff skills and motivation to take part in initiatives across the city which require digital skills. To match skills and programs and to form an flexible and adaptable unit within the organisation known as the Digital Futures Unit . To deliver actions of the Masterplan as outlined
Timeline for Action: October 2013
Building the platform layer (s) of: All platforms
Domain Impact: All domains

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