Digital Dublin – realising our Digital Future

Dublin City Council are taking the lead on the digital agenda in the city.

A Digital Dublin Master Plan for Dublin City is being developed by Dublin City Council to provide solutions to the key questions  with regard to how best to deliver ‘More city for Less’ via the digital economy and infrastructure.

Digital Dublin (#digitaldublin) can be defined as the transformation of the urban area, environment and economy through the widespread development and adoption of modern ICTs. The aim is to stimulate innovation, create jobs, empower citizen engagement and improve the quality of city life for all citizens, businesses and visitors.

The Dublin City region, as a result, should become open, flexible, accessible, innovative and connected.

On the 26thNovember 2012 the Lord Mayor of Dublin will officially host a Digital Dublin Forum at the Mansion House in Dublin. This forum event will draw together senior staff and officials from Government, Academia and business in Dublin to create a forum of individuals and organisations committed to ongoing participation towards the development of a Digital Masterplan

A Dublin Digital issues paper  will be launched at this event. This issues paper aims to stimulate debate and consultation; generate ideas; create awareness of digital possibilities and is a first step mechanism in a process which will ultimately form successful cross-sectoral alliances which will realise the potential of ICTs from community up to city region level and form the basis for the Digital Dublin MasterplanPlan.

This Issues paper will be widely circulated and it is hoped that many citizens, businesses, communities and visitors will contribute to advancing the digital future of the Dublin City region.