As the first Dublin Launch48 weekend approaches (Friday 28th June to Sunday 30th June 2013.) Dublin City Council wishes to proposes the following challenges that the participants may wish to consider over the weekend:


Dublin City Challenges

Dublin City Council has identified 6 key domains under which city services are delivered. Digital technologies have the potential to provide solutions to assist with the Key Challenges under each of these domains, as follows:

1. Economy and Innovation

Solutions on how Open data and Big Data can be best utilised to drive the economy of the city and create employment in the digital /creative sectors.

2. Community and Citizenship

Solutions on how local government and citizen can better interact

How can we use new digital technologies to increase city <– >citizen interaction in a more dynamic and transparent manner?

3. Culture and Entertainment

Digital services that improve the cultural and entertainment offerings of the city. Dublin has a rich cultural and entertainment sector but what role can digital services play in enriching this sector?

4. Movement and Transport

Addressing Traffic congestion is a key challenge in Dublin. How could digital be utilised to optimise key transport Infrastructure to relieve congestion? For example, digitally controlled traffic lanes that adjust between morning and evening peak flows coming into and out of the city or how personal wireless devices could be used to track traffic flows and dynamically adjust traffic signals and traffic lanes, etc.

5. Urban Spaces & Places

How can we make our city places and spaces (streetscapes, parks, plazas, squares etc) more interactive?

How can we make them more responsive to citizen and tourist needs, e.g. using augmented reality, digital street signs etc.

6. Environmental Practices

Water Conservation is a critical issue for the city. How do you see digital technologies being used to assist in this area?

The city has a large littering and fly-tipping challenge – can digital help us over come this blight?

Other more generic challenges that face the city could see solutions realised by modern innovative digital technologies. For example:

– How could digital be utilised to measure the creative potential of the region?

– How can we build greater connectivity between research in arts andresearch in  science and technology

– A better design approach for the city using best available data

– Ideas around digital technologies in the home (smart homes, smart health, Internet of things etc)

– How could Digital be best utilise to assist resolve social problems (Public safety, graffiti, etc)

Finally a key consideration of the Dublin Digital Masterplan is the concept of ‘Available as Digital’ which underpins the desire to see as many services as possible in Dublin (both public and private) provided in a digital format. No examples are necessary in this case as the list of possible solutions is only limited by your imagination.

So, get those creative juices flowing, get the thinking caps on and get developing city solutions that could be ‘the next big thing’!

Best of luck !!




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