Digital Dublin Day 8th March 2013

The Rationale


Digital Day marks a new era of commitment from city government, businesses and research to co-create, through Digital Technologies, a city region with a high quality of living.  This city is called Digital Dublin.

Digital day is the official first step on a road to a Digital Masterplan for the city region, a plan which will be a platform and framework for the city regions digital future.  All citizens are invited to take part in the plethora of fun digital activities planned for the day and to collectively realise the potential of digital technology and services to make the city a better place to live in or visit.

Dublin city has identified six central domains in which digital technologies will be applied across the city region.  These are, namely,  1) Economy and Innovation where digital technology can be applied to increase investment  and create jobs in the city, 2) Society and Community where digital technology is used to realise a more inclusive city region and to improve the health and well-being of Dubliners, 3) Urban Spaces – creating a more interactive and safer public realm 4) Culture and Entertainment – increasing access to and information about the city, its services and its activities through the medium of technology 5) Environment – using technology to enhance the quality of the city region’s environment, its adaptability to environmental events and its resource efficiency 6) Movement – creating a city region which moves more freely and which has sustainable, accessible  and interconnected transport services.

With these domains in mind the planned activities of Digital Day will demonstrate the potential positive impact of technologies on the daily lives of Dubliners and those who visit the city.


Basecamp for Digital Day is the home of the First Citizen of the City, the Lord Mayor – the Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.   A  ‘pop up’ event space will be created in the forecourt of the Mansion House.

Along with the Mansion House events, other activities will take place in the city centre at public WiFi locations, on mobile ‘Digital’ Buses and in many Dublin City businesses throughout the city. Dublin businesses have also been invited to display the Digital Dublin logo and promote the message that Dublin business is “open to digital.”

Mansion House Events

(10am – 6pm, unless otherwise stated)

–       Mansion House open tours at 10am, 11am and 12 noon.  Book your place on the tour of the Lord Mayor’s Residence by emailing (limited availability).

–       Talk by former Lady Mayoress Una Loftus on the History of the Mansion House at 12.45pm

–        The story of the Mansion House via “StoryMap” an application which presents charming interactive stories of Dublin

–       CoderDojo programming workshops for  local schoolchildren (invited schools only)

–       ‘Apps for Fingal’ showcasing the use of “Open Data” and the potential of data to improve the quality of living in the city and realise creative and commercial enterprise

–       DubLinked  – an open data showcase on enabling data-driven innovation

–       The National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM) will present work on spatial mapping of activities across the city region

–       eCommerce demonstrations

–       Electric Ireland e-Cars onsite and available for test drive (pre-booking required).  Drive application form on the Facebook page

–       TechSpace – editing and displaying video interviews with citizens in the Mansion House and at public WiFi locations

–       Intel displaying current digital research in the area of Smart Technology and Intelligent Living

–       Onsite digital survey (open to the public with real time display of citizen opinion)

–       ‘The Vibes of Ireland’ – twitter visualisation – A former Young Scientist captures the mood of the city through Tweets

– displaying what music local Dubliners are listening to.

–       DIT HotHouse – Promoting innovation and technologies (Dublin Institute of Technology).

–       Walk Dublin App – find out about an App that helps you navigate the city (10am-3pm).

–       Disaster Tech Lab – Rapid response wireless communication services for use in disaster hit areas

–       SchoolSpace– web apps from SchoolSpace which give local communities instant access to school info on their smartphone.

–       Historic Graves – Digital records on historic graveyard surveys and stories.

–       Digi Talks at 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm

11am Lord Mayor of Dublin
1pm Johnny Ryan, Irish Times
3pm James Whelton, Coder Dojo
5pm DigiWomen

–       WiFi provider Gowex onsite

–       Extended Free Public WiFi in local areas  (Click Here)

City Events

–          Accenture International Women’s Day event on Technology and Sustainability with a stand and survey on Digital Dublin

(Location: RDS, Time 7:30am – 10:45am)

–          The Digital Hub Workshops

(Location: The Learning Studio, Digital Exchange, Crane St, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, Time 10am – 4pm)

Children will learn how to create a ringtone at local primary schools (invite only)

Silver Surfer Workshops – A demonstration to our older community how to use Skype

(1pm-2pm or 3pm-4pm – pre-booking essential, click here or visit

–          Dublin City Libraries Mobile Bus

(Location: Top of Grafton St/ Stephens Green, Time 10am – 4pm)

Scan old pictures to digital format

–          Digitise the Nation Bus – Mobile eLearning Bus

(Location: Barnardos Sq, Dame Street), Time 10am – 4pm)

–          TechSpace video interviews recorded with citizens at public WiFi locations

(Location: Barnados Square; Smithfield; Grafton St and Clarendon Street, Time 10am – 4pm)

Citizens describe their vision of the Digital Future

See you there

Download Dublin Digital Day leaflet

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