Rethinking dublin city web presence

The Lord Mayor of Dublin convened a select group of Technologists, Software Developers, data gurus and bloggers along with City Council Web and IT staff to listen to how Emer Coleman has spearheaded a change of mindset and approach to online citizen engagement with Government Digital Services in the UK.

This meeting was being used as a ‘casting a stone’ in the water…and see what happens.

Emer explained how GDS have adopted a disruptive approach to how the UK Government offred content online.

Some of the design principles adopted by GDS were:

Putting the public first, in delivering digital public services; Digital by default; Putting users first; Learning from the journey; Building a network of trust; Moving barriers aside; Creating an environment for technology leaders to flourish; Don’t do everything yourself (you can’t)

Along with these design principles are the use of style guides that dictate how content is offered online and the use of analytics to determine users behaviours and preferences to assist in determing how best to structure and deliver content.

This group spent some time discussing how Dublin City might change it’s approach to online engagement.

Possible challenges and blockages were outlined by City Council Web and IT staff and attendees offered possible solutions and noted the benefits for the city and citizens of a change of mindset as to how content is offered online.

So all in all a great morning..mixing it with local technologists and a senior figure in the UK Digital service.

Ideas and concepts were requested by 1 March where after we can see what ripple that initial stone might cause…all submissions will be evaluatd to determine whether they can be incorporated into current website..but the bigger bonus is that ideals and concepts could find their way into the Digital Masterplan for the city and become standard for online engagement into the future. So get way is to email

Exciting times……I learned a lot today..thought I knew what GDS were all about but really brought it home hearing it explained…

Emer also met with some members of the Dublin Smart City Steering Group, explained GDS work and principles and again discussed how change might be effected…little by little we’ll get there ..

Also picked up lots of ideas for possible inclusion in the forthcoming Digital Master plan for Dublin…more on this again..

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Here’s some web coverage on the day’s activities on



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