Website launched to improve communication between TD and electorate

A new online site has been launched that aims to create a direct line of communication between the people of Ireland and their elected representatives. , a multifaceted online platform which allows every voter in Ireland to ask questions of any member of Dáil Éireann, was launched today.

A nonpartisan, non-profit initiative, the organisation encourages citizens to engage in direct, unedited Q&A with all TDs.

Commenting at the launch, CEO Sarah O’Neill said: “Dailwatch is very much designed to be a collaborative project. People feel disillusioned and disenfranchised with the systems of government and a lot of this discontentment stems from a lack of clarity and openness.

“This platform which is being launched today is about empowerment and active citizenship, not dirty tricks or political gaffes.

“We want to ensure that politicians are accountable and have a direct communicative link with the electorate to ensure the individuals that command our highest offices act with integrity, honesty and full transparency.

“We are confident will create a constructive, positive and enduring relationship between voters and politicians. It is a necessary and timely development in Ireland’s new political narrative.”

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